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About the Owner

Jeremy Francis is based in the UK and has delivered management and employee development programmes to global corporates for over 35 years.

His expertise lies in consulting with organisations to assist them in creating a human resource strategy and plan aligned to the organisation's overall vision, objectives and strategy.

He has a highly enthusiastic and engaging style of delivery which ensures a high level of engagement with those he is consulting with, training or coaching.

About This Site

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This site is intended for 3 groups of people: 

  • Those who are about to become managers for the first time
  • Experienced existing managers looking for help to become better at what they do
  • HR professionals - those working closely with line managers as business partners, as well as training and development specialists within the HR function who are growing and developing employees and managers of an organisation, and who are needing the best material they can lay their hands on

The site offers these groups video courses on a whole variety of people management and development topics, such as 'managing people's performance'.

There are also blogs - written, video and audio - to complement the video training material, so users can raise and respond to questions and comments and be in touch with others further to enrich the content. 

Every month new courses, blogs, videos, articles, insights, resources in the area of people management will be added. 

The material is based on Jeremy's 35+ years working with a whole range of organisations globally, including global corporates, and is proven to work.

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